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Paraplanning services with a difference.

Our outsourced paraplanning teams are all 100% Australian-based. Our teams wrap around your business to gain a deep understanding of your requirements and enable financial advisers to deliver clear, compliant and client friendly advice.

Why Padua Paraplanning?

We are a premium paraplanning service that provides value creating advice for advisers and their clients. All of our advice documents undergo a strenuous 3-stage review process by our advice experts and Quality Assurance Managers, ensuring your advice is fully compliant and ready for clients.

Our Services

  • Statement of Advice (SOA)

    We specialise in simple or complex multi-strategy SOAs.

  • Record of Advice (ROA)

    We also produce ROAs easily, supported by the Padua Software.

  • Projections & Modelling

    We help you forecast across current and future state scenarios.

  • Product

    We produce compliant product comparisons for your specific requirements.

“I believe Padua is the first genuinely sustainable and repeatable Paraplanning service to have entered the Australian financial planning market. The Padua process ensures that compliant, client friendly and clear advice is provided consistently.

The advice documents we are getting out of Padua really do meet the legal and regulatory framework for giving personal financial advice whilst enabling us to design and plan the financial advice that is just right for each client.”

Colin Benvenuto,
Financial Adviser
Emerge Financial

We're not changing advice,
but we are changing the way you do it.

  • Dedicated Team of Experts

    Quality Assurance Managers (QAMs) are the backbone of our paraplanning teams and oversee all plans. The QAM will be your point of contact and addresses all of your feedback.

    Each paraplanning team has a Quality Assurance Manager and senior and intermediate paraplanners. All staff and client data are located within Australia.

  • Comprehensive & Compliant

    All advice documents undergo three rounds of reviews; an initial self-review by the paraplanner, then a peer review by the wider team, and finally a third review which requires sign-off by a Quality Assurance Manager.

    The process is comprehensive but we don’t believe in cutting any corners, meaning less rework on your end.

  • Shorter Turnaround Times

    We produce documents with consistently low turn-around times while still ensuring high-quality presentation and compliance.

    We provide total transparency with an easy-to-track workflow management system and regular strategy meetings to ensure your advice needs are covered.

  • Strategically technical

    Our highly skilled team of Quality Assurance Managers and Paraplanners will challenge you technically to ensure you get the best outcome for your clients.

    Together, we’ll help you provide Value-Creating Advice for your clients, faster.

How it works

Step 1 - Onboarding

We make sure you’re set up in a way where the friction is removed in order for you to start producing great advice. This means we capture details such as your model portfolios, disclaimers and risk profiles. We also get you familiar with our workflow management tool, Padua Home, so that you can keep track of all of your advice requests.

Step 2 - Submitting Advice

We integrate with your CRM (such as Xplan) to make sure we reduce double data entry in your advice submission. Using our fact find tool, Padua Discover, we capture this data and ensure there is no missing information in your client files.

Our strategy builder, Padua Recommend, makes it easy for you to choose the strategies that will help your clients. We capture all of the information upfront, preventing any delays in getting your advice back.

Step 3 - Strategy Confirmation

Upon receiving your advice request, our Quality Assurance Team provides a strategy confirmation upfront. This gives you the ability to review your strategies and also opens two-way dialogue between yourself and our experts to discuss any feedback.

Step 4 - Document Production

Our team of paraplanners meticulously work behind the scenes to provide you with a high-quality, compliant and engaging advice document. With Padua Home, you can see exactly what’s happening with your advice document at any point in time.

Step 5 - Review Process

To make sure you receive the highest quality document, there is an in-depth review schedule by our team. The advice, once confirmed, is reviewed by our paraplanners. A second peer-review is then carried out, and finally, a third review is done by an expert Quality Assurance Manager prior to sending it back to you.

Step 6 - Feedback

To ensure we continually add value for you and your business, we schedule regular strategic meetings with you if and when required to discuss any feedback and to ensure we’ve met all of your requirements.

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